It’s unusual to include both personal art and professional work in a website. But art and work are equally important, a source of joy and fulfillment.

I was born in Belgium. I grew up near Antwerp and attended the Ecole de Recherches Graphiques in Brussels where I earned an BA. After working a few years in Brussels, I moved to the US and lived in different places until settling in Santa Cruz, California.

In the late 90s, I started a business with Son Do who became a deeply loved friend. Rods and Cones is a consulting company specializing in workflow solutions for the graphic and printing industries. At the same time, I designed a magazine for a non-profit organization, wonderful job that ended early this year. A few years ago, we published an award-winning magazine called Out of Chaos. This was the realization of a life long dream. But it’s difficult to launch a new publication and we folded after a few years. You can still read the magazine by clicking here

Art took a back seat for a few decades while the mind and the body matured. I have so much to tell today and devote most of my free time to creating art using Epson prints, silkscreen, with my drawings and paintings. The mix of these media is a metaphor for who I am, a bit of everything that built careers, relationships, loves and beliefs.

Family is capital. I see the siblings and their kids at least once a year. They live all over the place. And I am married to a smart and lovable man. We have two great young adult kids.

Please don’t hesitate to send feedback on the work that you see here. And please, think of me if you are looking for a graphic designer who can write and edit, and who speaks a bunch of languages. Think of me too if you’re looking for a dog-living dog portraitist.

Thank you for visiting this site.